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Helping You Prepare and Share a Christian Legacy
The Christ Lutheran Foundation was established in 1986 to help individuals wishing to designate assets for permanent use in Christian ministry utilizing the estate tax, income tax and capital gains tax advantages provided by the government for charitable giving. It is organized as a non-profit corporation for charitable, religious and educational purposes for the benefit of Christ Lutheran Church of Lincoln, Nebraska. The board is responsible for providing members of the congregation with information and programs that will help them plan, manage and conserve their God given assets for themselves, their families and for charitable contributions to enhance ministries of the church. The Foundation may receive both current and deferred gifts in a variety of forms. The earnings from these endowed gifts are then used to further the ministry of Christ Lutheran Church. For more information, contact Foundation board member Dan Meyer.

Christ Lutheran Foundation celebrating 30 years of ministry


LCMS Foundation celebrating 60 years of ministry


Current or Deferred Gifts

Current gifts are those which may be put to immediate use by the Foundation. These include direct cash donations as well as birthday and memorial gifts. Tax considerations make gifts of appreciated assets such as stock, real estate, 401(k)'s, IRA's, and personal property very attractive and cost efficient.

Deferred gifts are those which will become fully available to the Foundation at a later date, generally coinciding with death of an individual or a spouse. For example, an immediate tax deduction may be taken for a gift that can still provide the giver or heirs with a monthly lifetime income prior to ultimately passing to the Foundation. Others may choose to donate current income to the Foundation with the principal remaining with their heirs. Bequests in wills and life insurance beneficiary designations are additional methods of deferred giving.

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Designated and Non-Designated Purposes

Gifts to the Foundation, whether current or deferred, for which a use is not stipulated are "non-designated." Earnings from these gifts are allocated to ministry needs by the board. A "designated" gift is one for which a special purpose, such as scholarships, is desired. The Foundation welcomes either type of gift.
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LCMS Foundation Affiliation Allows Greater Giving Benefits

Because of the IRS's expertise, implementation and disclosure requirements for many of today's popular deferred gifting vehicles, the Foundation board was reluctant to enter this arena. However, because of the tremendous benefit these opportunities offer members of our congregation, ways to make them available were sought.

Therefore in 1999, the Christ Lutheran Foundation Board voted to affiliate with the LCMS Foundation and work together in offering greater benefits to our members. Developed to assist Synod congregations, the forty-year old $750,000 million LCMS Foundation offers the programs, materials, expertise and services our congregation was lacking. Because of this affiliation, our members now have access to the wide array of deferred gifting choices providing a lifetime income for the donor and/or spouse prior to endowing our Christ Lutheran ministries. Another plus is the availability of professional full-time gift planning counselors to assist our members in navigating the previously formidable tangle of tax and fiduciary questions many times posed in these situations.
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Resource Center

LCMS Foundation materials are available in the Resource Center located near the elevator of the Fellowship Hall. These materials offer, in an easy reading format, more detailed information about the variety of ways a person's legacy may benefit themselves and Christ Lutheran Church.
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Enhancing Our Ministry

The earnings derived from the endowed gifts are used to further the ministry of Christ Lutheran Church above and beyond what is possible through the general fund budget supported by our regular offerings. Foundation grants for 2015 have supported many activities at Christ Lutheran and include:

- Wills and estate planning workshops
- Education grant for Christ Schools teacher Michelle Dale
- Books and tech updates for youth ministry room
- CLC Missions; training volunteers for disaster relief
- Room211 "Lost and Found" concert
- School faculty and annual school auction
- Church parking lot expansion
- CLC Schools; LEA Teachers Convention
- CLC Counseling Center upgrades
- Pastor Schnake retreat and education
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CLC Christian Day School Initiative

To better serve gifting desires of our congregation members, there are "pass through" donations for expenses incurred for the continued development of our Christian Day School. Members interested in this ministry are encouraged to contact a Foundation Officer for more information.
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Preferred Ministries

The preferred ministries that have been suggested by our Executive Ministry Team, Pastor Schnake and Pastor Scheich, and adopted by the Foundation Board are:

- Local missions (to include Latino and African Immigrants)
- Scholarship Reimbursement for active church workers
- Staff development and recognition
- Endowed Ministry Positions

As you make gifts to the Foundation, you may designate one of these areas to receive your support, or you may allow the board to determine where it might best be used.
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  • Board of Directors

  • Advised by Pastor Schnake, current members are:

  • Gary Hamilton
  • Nolan Harms
  • Merle Jansen
  • Barbara Jessen
  • Jaci Klein
  • Allan Lierman
  • Dan Meyer
  • Cathy Obermueller
  • Mark Pankoke
  • Brad Philson
  • Ruth Probasco
  • Dustin Will