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Sunday Mornings

The Sunday morning High School Bible class meets from 9:20-10:30 am downstairs in the Youth Room with the breakfast cafe open at 9 am.  This class is for all High Schoolers.

Join us Sunday mornings as we explore God's word for us and how a life in Jesus makes a difference!  We'll explore different topics throughout the year.  Join us and invite a friend!

Sunday Jr & Sr only College Bible Study
9-10:30 am at the house next door to the Sanctuary
(1811 44th Street)
Juniors and Seniors - You have a special opportunity for a weekly study all through this year taught by Kathy l'Heureux that will prepare you for college and life!  First breakfast will be served then a awesome discussion based Bible study.  It's a great way to start off your week!

High School Wednesday Nights

Youth Room, 6:45-8 pm
We know how crazy and challenging High School is so meet your friends each Wednesday night in the Youth Room to unwind and relax. Pizza is a buck and there are always fun drinks!
This is a great time to bring a friend!

NEW - starting Feb. 1st
Digging Deeper High School Bible Study
Dig deeper into you faith, relationship with Christ and discover more each Wednesday from 6:00-6:45 pm in the youth room.  We will be discussing various topics through a video based series.  Come for the study and stay for the Wednesday night fun and pizza after (6:45-8 pm).

Small Groups

Small groups are a great place to be yourself, to share what's happening in your life and grow as a group during one of the most incredibly challenging and fun times of your life. Don't forget it also involves laughing a TON and eating a whole bunch!  Join a small group and discover!  Sign up here.

If you would like more info about small groups, email Andy Stumpf.

Parent Study Groups

Class Listing Here. 



South Campus

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