In the bread and wine of the Lord’s Supper, our Lord Jesus comes to us in His true Body and Blood. In this Holy Meal, one receives full forgiveness and perfect unity with each other. Scripture requires that each communicant first examine himself/herself regarding confession of sin, trust in Jesus for salvation, belief in the Real Presence, and the desire to grow in grace.

We believe that Communion is a time when believers of like mind come close to the Lord and to one another. We do practice ‘close’ Communion, which means that all communicants believe as we do, and graciously receive this gift. If you are supportive of these beliefs, we welcome you to the Lord’s Supper. If, however, at this point you are unsure of your relationship with Christ or question whether your beliefs differ from those of our church, we ask that you use the communion time to meditate and pray. For these reasons, it’s best for our new (first time) guests/visitors to talk briefly before the service with one of the pastors.