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Study Groups


Retired Men in the Word +2

Mondays, 6:30 am
Place:  Scooter's, 84th & Van Dorn
Date:  on-going
Leader:  Bill Price, wprice21943@gmail.com
Topic:  Our men's Bible study group typically goes through a four week long series from the Lutheran Hour Men's Network every month in the conference room at Scooters.  Four of us are retired and four are gainfully employed.

We begin at 6:30 in the morning and close with prayer at 7:15 am then workers go to work and the rest of us have a second cup of coffee.

If you have not been with our group or in a Bible study recently, please feel welcome to join us or just visit if you are shopping around.


Husband/Father Study Group 

Mondays, 8:30-10:00 pm
Place:  Church, Conference Room
Date:  on-going
Leaders:  Ryan Treat.
Topic:  Join fellow brothers in Christ in fellowship and study as we explore what it means to be a good Christian father and husband. 


Play VideoGolf & Study Group
Mondays, time varies -see below
Place: Hi-Mark Golf Course, Map
Date: on-going
Leader: Gary Hamilton, 402-440-2062, ghamilton1@windstream.net
Description: Golfers group, various study topics
During the warmer months (Mar-Oct), this group meets at Hi-Mark at 4:00 pm for golf followed by Bible Study at HyVee (70th & Pioneers) at 6:15 pm.  During the winter months, they meet at the church in the Fellowship Hall alcove at 5:30 pm.
Contact Gary for further information.


Tuesday Morning Bible Study
Tuesdays, 6:00 am
Place: Church, Fellowship Hall (LL)
Date: on-going
Leader: Mark Wolfe, 402-489-0493, mwolfe20@hotmail.com
Description: The Tuesday Morning Bible study is a group of working and retired men getting together for an hour of Bible study, prayer requests, fellowship and of course coffee and doughnuts. Our studies range from books of the Bible to various topical studies.

Tuesday Morning at NuVibe

Time: Tuesdays, 6:30 am
Place: NuVibe, 70th & Pioneer Blvd
Date: on-going
Leader: Jerry Johnson, 402-525-3162, jerryjjohnson@gmail.com
Description: This is a small group of working and retired men.
Various topics are discussed throughout the year.



What Does the Bible Say?
Time: Wednesdays, 9:15 am
Place: Fellowship Hall, SE Corner
Date: on-going
Leader: Kent Stadler,  402-486-1420jksnjs@reagan.com
Description:  We are currently 'unpacking' the book of Isaiah. 
Other topics to follow.

Wednesday Night Life Group
Wednesdays, 8:30-10:00 pm 
Place: Church, Conference Room / Library
Date: on-going
Leader: Steve Wells, 402-525-7832, Steve@Room211.org
Description: Life, Fatherhood, Marriage, Current Events, Accountability, Discussion, Fellowship and how God impacts us through these topics.

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