Prayer List

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Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. (Philippians 4:6).

Baptisms: January 2015:
Kevin Eugene Mattson
Michelle Rae O'Melia
Declan Paul Andersen
Joseph Brooks
Kaia Jo Brooks 

Weddings: January 2015:
Andrea Leigh Gaide & Mark Abram Robert Young 

In Sympathy: January 2015:
Robert Joeckel
Ruth Rena
Viola Herpolsheimer

Kathleen Allan—healing
Jake Amen—Hodgkin's Lymphoma, grandson of Bob and Janette Amen, nephew of Jennifer Tomka
Miles Amen—healing, nephew of Bob and Janette Amen
Shelley Andelt—healing
Stan Baden—healing
Alicia Beinka—healing
Byron Blum—healing
Caroline Blum—healing
Nancy Blum—healing
Kristy Clarke—healing, daughter of Don and Ruth Haase
Steve Crowther—healing
Meg Cuca—healing
Leslie Day—healing
David Debban—healing
Matthew Dinslage—healing, great nephew of Jan Priess
Janice Doerr—peace
June Doolan—healing, Denise Agee
Shelley Dorn—healing
Sally Dreyer—Alzheimer's, mother of Lori Crowther
Dave Duff—healing, brother of Craig Duff
Charlotte Erspamer—eye cancer, sister of Teresa Brawner
Lowell Fahsholtz—healing, father of Lori Hardin
Charlotte Falos—healing
Harry Fink—cancer, brother-in-law of Gail Venne
Louise Fink—healing, sister of Gail Venne
Charles Galarza—health concerns
Charles Jr. Galarza—healing
Elizabeth Galarza—kidney failure, mother of Doris Galarza
Helen George—aneurism, mother of Sam Lange
Eleanor Grabowski—healing, mother of Jill Jank
Randy Grotelueschen—brain tumor
Don Haase—healing
Sally Hakel-Bokemper—healing, friend of Donna Dixon
Bonnie Hamlin—healing
Viola Herpolsheimer—osteoarthritis, heart
Joan Horning—healing, cousin of Russ Priess
Judy Janssen—healing
Arland Johnson—healing
Jean Johnson—healing
Lowell Johnson—healing
Troy A. Johnson—ankylosing spondylitis
Jared Jones—healing
Donna Katt—healing
Courtney Kelsey—healing, friend of Jenny and Dustin Simpson
Deb Krivda—healing, friend of Ray Boeche
Marv Kunze—healing
Deb Lange—healing, daughter of Mary and Don Kuhn
Carol Lierman—healing, aunt of Allen Lierman
Craig Loeck—healing
Bob Lorenz—healing, son of Norma Lorenz
Marshall Lubeck—life struggles
Melissa Wood Martinez—healing
Cole Matzner—healing, nephew of Brian and Jessica Crogg
Kendra McNatt—missionary serving at Trinity Lutheran Church, Frankfurt, Germany
Linda McPherren—healing
Angela Melton—no reoccurrence of cancer, friend of Tyler Frost
Dorothy Menke—healing from cancer
Shirley Merz—healing
Don Miller—healing, father of Julie Hendricksen
Carol Mueller—thanksgiving for healing, mother of Nathan Mueller
Todd Nelson—healing
Diana Nordlie—healing
Christa O'Dell—healing
Rex Peterson—healing, father of Lonnie Peterson
Roxie Praeuner—healing
Lloyd Pulvermacher—ALS, brother of Gail Venne
Jim Quicke—healing
John Robak—bone cancer, uncle of Jill Hinze
DeDra Robb—healing
Rev. Tom Saddler—healing
Gwen Schell—congestive heart failure
Cindy Sorenson—healing
Irlee Stagemeyer—healing, father of Jeree Holt
Steve Stichweh—leukemia, brother of Nancy Woodward
Wayne and Mary Struebing—healing
Rita Sukup—healing, friend of Joyce Schuette
Linda Summers—healing
Chara Sype—missionary work
Ryan Treat—healing
Cathy Umphres—peace, strength, and healing
Scott Underwood—healing
Skylar Underwood
Mark Usher—healing, cousin of Neil Boring
Dominic Walker—healing
Peg Wilbeck—healing, mother of Roger Hoffman
Linda Willuweit-Joy—healing
Bud Wood—healing
Ben Yelkin—healing
Sarah Yoakum—encouragement and support, friend of Anthony Riley
Bonnie Zinsmaster—healing

John Blankenhorn
Tyler Caulkins—Marines, grandson of Donna Caulkins
Cody Chapman—Navy, grandson of Pat Novak and great-grandson of Darlene Holle
Jared Daugherty—Navy, Brett and Lou Anne's son, Tessa's brother, and Jerry and Shirley's grandson
Doug Downing—son of Dee Ann and Kelly
Sgt. John Hinspeter, III
Kevin Huneke—Army, son of Bob and Janelle
Chris Jacobson—military, son of Linda and Neil Jacobson
Drew Johansen—Army Reserves
Brent Koenigsman—Army National Guard, grandson of Ben and Ruth Maaske
Marshall Lubeck—Afghanistan, friend of Mary and Don Betten
Nathan Meister—Air Force, grandson of Rick and Carol Reitz
Tanner Miller—son of Lyle and Kelly Miller
Kallen Nissen
William Pawling—Navy, nephew of Brian and Gail Pawling
Brandon Robinson—Afghanistan, nephew of John and Tami Ayers
Capt. Zach Shields—son-in-law of Rita and Harold Shuey
RJ Smith—Air Force, son of Ronnie and Jeanette Smith
Kyle Walsh—Air Force, grandson of Ruth Walsh
Kristen Weander—Army, wife of Nate Weander
Nate Weander—Army, grandson of Leonard and Sheryl
Mark Young

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