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Financial Stewardship & Generosity

Transfer the Blessings Ministry

How can you touch lives today, tomorrow, and forever?

A recent article states that seven out of ten people do not have a will or living trust. Our Transfer the Blessings ministry is committed to providing support and comprehensive expertise needed to wisely plan how blessings to family are transferred.

The wise transfer and stewardship of these blessings to family and ministries can have an impact today, tomorrow and forever. Our faith in Jesus gives us a certainty in eternity. With the help of Transfer the Blessings, we can make wise plans for the way we affect the future for our loved ones! Read more.

Questions: Contact Tom Grunow, Director of Biblical Generosity at (402) 483-7774, ext. 107.

Seminarian Fund

Seminarian fund update (March 31, 2015)

Reemergence of the Lutheran Church in Spain articles from Concordia Seminary, Winter 2013

Correspondence from our seminarians Jim Haynes, Joe Beran, and Santiago Keinbaum

Smart Money, Smart Kids

The long-awaited, brand-new book from Dave Ramsey and his daughter Rachel Cruze is here! In "Smart Money Smart Kids," Dave and Rachel teach parents how to raise money-smart kids in a debt-filled world. Available in Room211 Bookstore or at www.daveramsey.com.

Lutheran Extension Fund

Have you ever wondered what the Lutheran Church Extension Fund is all about? LCEF is more than the "bank of the Missouri Synod". Your investments serve a dual purpose: earning a fair rate of return by utilizing various financial instruments and LCEF provides low-cost loans and services to LCMS ministries, helping them spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. Currently there are more than 100 Christ Lutheran households that have $1,000,000+ invested at LCEF.

Invest with LCEF so more people hear the gospel! Offering 3% fixed rate over 2 years on $500-$5000 for first-time or past LCEF investors. Brochures at the Biblical Generosity Display. Visit lcef.org or contact Tom Grunow, ext. 107.

Create a Legacy

The LCMS Foundation provides resources on gift planning. Read more about these resources and sign up for their newsletter.

Financial Stewardship

Week of January 13:

General Fund: $33,470.09

Participate 4 Growth: $2,662.00

Build for Christ - Central: $697.00
Build for Christ - South: $8,252.00

Debt Retirement: $1,683.64


(Offerings previously made to Financial Initiative and reACT are now being directed to Debt Retirement, unless otherwise indicated.


Debt Balance:

Central: $2,419,980.12 (12/17)

South Campus - Land Purchase: $1,867,000

Seminarian Fund (2017):

Balance on January 1: $25,297
YTD Receipts: $37,336
YTD Disbursements: $64,488
Ending Balance: ($1,855) 

Gift Planning Expectancies:    

Christ Foundation: $2,585,336
Christ Church: $900,422
Christ Schools: $356,167
Total: $3,841,925

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Giving Presentation

Biblical Stewardship Principles