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Tidbits and Tips

Replace Life Insurance Need...with a Gift!

If some of the reasons you purchased a life insurance policy...mortgage, debt, young children...are no longer applicable, you may wish to convert those proceeds to a gift to the Christ Lutheran Foundation. This would help to perpetuate your giving through its endowment benefiting Christ Lutheran Church.

Two easy ways to do so are:
1. Change your Primary Beneficiary so a portion is designated to the Foundation.
2. Make an income-tax deductible gift of your entire cash value policy to the Foundation.

For more information, contact your insurance agent or Tom Grunow in the Church Office.

Receive 6% Income for Life...From a Gift!

If you are age 76 or older, a Charitable Gift Annuity donation to the Christ Lutheran Foundation will send you 6% or more each year for life!
A Charitable Gift Annuity is a contract between a donor and a charity. The donor makes a gift of cash or property and receives an immediate partial tax deduction plus a lifetime stream of annual income. At the donor’s death, the charity keeps the remainder of the gift. The annual stream of lifetime income from the charity is a percentage of the gift based on the donor’s age. Current gifts to the Christ Lutheran Foundation would generate a 6% annual income for someone age 76, 7.8% for an 85 year old, and 9% for those 90 and older. Check the rates you are receiving on your bank CDs and savings accounts. Then, contact Tom Grunow in the Church Office for more information.