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Deeply Rooted: One Year Later

Ministry Dreams...
Thank you for all you have done to advance the ministry dreams of Christ Lutheran!
God has certainly blessed the people of Christ to be a blessing to others!

Although significant ministry debt can put a damper on our possibilities, through your continued help, it cannot hold God’s people back! Think about what will be accomplished when the debt is reduced by at least $1.5 million…

  • More ministry!
  • More parking with better traffic flow!
  • More opportunity to reach people for Christ!
  • More pastoral counseling and care ministry!
  • Additional scholarships available for Christ Schools!
From there to here, a debt "snapshot"...
5.2 million in Dec. 2009
4.1 million in Nov. 2012
3.5 million in Nov. 2013
Can we drop below $3 million by the end of 2013?

Consider the "AAA" plan...
  • Add to your committed amount, add an additional year, make a 2014 gift with a 2013 tax deduction, or begin a pledge...
    (if the Lord has financially blessed you beyond your expectations since the Fall of 2012, consider this possibility for "over and above offerings")
  • Advance a year or more of payments by cash or appreciated stock...
    (all gifts are tax deductible; if over 70 1/2 take advantage of a IRA tax-free distribution which is not guaranteed to be available after this year)
  • Acknowledge a designated bequest...
    (if you have a designation to Christ Lutheran in a current will, insurance, gift annuity or estate plan, establish a legacy expectancy)

How? It's Easy...
Before or on Monday, Dec. 23, contact:
Tom Grunow, Director of Biblical Generosity
(402) 483-7774, ext. 107