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Meal Ministry

At Christ Lutheran Church, we are committed to serve God by serving one another in a holistic way; spiritually, emotionally, and also physically. The need for a Meal Ministry may have not escaped you. How many of us have had a recent surgery, or a hospital stay, or have suffered the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, or are expecting a new baby in the family? In those circumstances, as always, God is present in our lives and we can see His tender and caring hands in the hands of our sisters and brothers. Whether if you are thinking of joining the Meal Ministry Team or to make a request for you or someone you know, this ministry will surely be a blessing to you.

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Meal Ministry is to glorify God by exercising our gifts of mercy, hospitality, compassion and outreach, as we provide meals to members of our church family who are experiencing medical issues, personal crisis, loss or have a newborn.  

What You Can Expect

As a recipient you can expect to receive a few meals over a few weeks. All meals will be delivered to you in disposable plates so that you don’t have to worry about returning containers or cleaning up. Please make sure to communicate your food restrictions such as "low sodium,” "gluten free,” or any allergies so that we can better serve you.

As a team member you will be blessed by serving God and your neighbor with your God-given talents and gifts. Our prayer is that strong relationships will grow out of this ministry and that you will be more connected to the Body of Christ. We pray that many will join the Meal Ministry Team so that your commitment does not become a burden but rather a blessing at all levels. Talk to your friends and small group members and join the team together. The more people in the team, the less frequency in cooking and delivering for all. Submit your information and join the team. We will contact you as soon as we can. Remember that when the need arises you will still be able to volunteer according to your own schedule and convenience. 

How Can We Help?

In order to better serve you, we need to be aware of your needs. Please help us to assist you by filling the "Submit a Need” and we will contact you as soon as possible. Many people may not feel like filling a form for themselves; no matter their need, there always seems to be someone in a tougher situation. That is where a good friend comes into place! Please fill out a form for those who may benefit from a few meals. We do not want to supplant "mom” or "Aunt Mary" as caregivers, but to help them in serving you. You can also contact Heather Eads at 402.310.7948. 

780 Meals

provided to date to 2018

847 Meals

provided in 2017